Gold, Silver & Platinum

Gold Buyers in New Orleans, Metairie, & Slidell – Get Money For Unwanted Jewelry

We buy gold, silver and platinum! Here at Causeway Coin Co., we are reliable and trustworthy gold buyers. New Orleans, Metairie, and Slidell residents come to us to sell any and all materials featuring gold, silver, or platinum.

We give immediate payment for gold and other materials! Whether in the form of jewelry, dental, coins, watches, brooches, flatware, or scrap – virtually any item featuring precious metals – we are happy to appraise and purchase your items. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts at Causeway Coin Co. will accurately appraise all your items and give you the fairest price for them.

For experienced gold buyers, New Orleans, Metairie, and Slidell residents can call Causeway Coin Co. at (504) 832-8050 or visit us today!

We Find The Value In Scrap Gold

The scrap gold that clutters your space is potential income, just waiting to be recognized! At Causeway Coin Company, we find the value in your unworn jewelry, gold teeth/fillings, gold nuggets or bars. We can use our state-of-the-art gold analyzer gun for accurate readings and then offer you the best price. With a quick visit to one of our locations in Metairie, New Orleans, or Slidell, you can turn seemingly worthless “junk” into fast cash!

Assessing Value

Causeway Coin Company assesses the value of your scrap gold or other precious metal based on these four points:
• Karats • Density • Weight • Rarity

Bring in your pieces and we will walk you through the assessment process, ensuring that you get the most honest price. We are looking to buy:

  • Gold coins
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Dental Gold
  • Watches
  • Nuggets
  • Antique Jewelry
  • Bars and more!

Sell Today!

Causeway Coin Company has been buying and selling gold and other precious metals in the Greater New Orleans area for almost half a century.  Because of our experience, we recognize value when we see it! Let us assess the value of your scrap gold. Call (504) 832-8050 or fill out our contact form for more information on the process of selling scrap gold. We look forward to hearing from you!